How To Boost Credibility And Profit Using Live Events

Step 1: Define your perfect client avatar

Just cause you can sell someone doesn’t mean you should. Identify the perfect person that you can actually help and look forward to working with.
If you don’t focus on enlisting the right people into your company, you will eventually wake up hating your life.

Step 2: Formulate a compelling offer

The first step of helping someone, is to make them an offer that will actually solve their problem that you can help them with. If you don’t have an offer that fits their problem and your skill set, events go from a profit center to an expense.

Step 3: The journey through your event

People love stories, and stories are the most powerful way to sell. You need to tell a story with your event. Take people on a journey and help them understand where the gap is so that you can help fill that void with your offer.

Step 4: The journey to your event and enlisting your tribe

If you want to have a profitable event, it starts with getting the right people to the event that you can help. What story you tell in your marketing will affect who shows up to your event. 

Once you know the journey you are taking people on, now it is time to go out and find those people. There are tons of ways to fill a room, so you need to find the right way that will work for you and execute. 

One bad attendee can affect the entire outcome of an event, so you need to tell a clear story of who should be in the room and qualify them.

Step 5: Making the cash register ring

Picking the right way to make your event profitable is key. Are you putting on an event that is profitable through ticket sales, or are you trying to sell on the back side of your event? Or both?

Making sure you are putting on the right type of event is crucial when it comes to success.

Step 6: Repurposing all assets for longevity

Don’t let your event be a one time experience. All of the assets created can live on and encourage and engage both your attendees, and potential future attendees. Do it with purpose and clarity before the event to make sure you are utilizing the experience fully.